Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Team Ico's blog: Kaido & Ueda speak

Despite the trail of sugary and brainwashed idolisation I'm leaving behind me, I still managed to forget pointing out the interview of Fumito Ueda and Kenji Kaido available at Team Ico's blog, a translation of an article published in French magazine Chronic'Art.

My Goodness, there's such a pressure put upon the shoulders of these people.

My favorite song or book writers and film makers can also create work which I may not fully enjoy, or first find hard to assimilate. Such work will still and certainly remain above a good chunk of most of the junk found around, but I may not find it equal to the most revered craft they've been known for. Like anyone, they have their ups and their downs.

Moreover, fans often scream in agony when their faves have the audacity of escaping the paths of inspiration which auteurs identified themselves with in their first years, and therefore produce a new form of content which would not be understood nor properly appreciated by all, still too obscure in a certain degree to strike a new audience, and yet too different to what the legions were used to.

All this to say that whatever they come with may be totally different. In a way, I hope it is.

Don't be afraid, and keep an open mind.

EDIT: One more thing. Ueda would have been glad if other games used the grip game mechanic put in place in Shadow. It's a fantastic function, properly balanced. This is what Assassin's Creed lacked. Climbing on walls was just too easy, without much risks at all.

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