Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jesse Slaughter, coz I ain't got no originalitism

Oh sweet xxxxx.

The Internet is a harsh world. It's wonderful, full of marvels and knowledge, but it's also a dangerous and ruthless place for naive imbeciles. I already said it, I love Internet. It's a revolution, it's liberty, but it's not to be put into the wrong hands, and allowing uneducated people to reach an Internet connection can only get them into trouble and have them suffersome truly disastrous consequences (yes, the true ones)

So, if you don't know about this lil Jesse girl, click here. Miss Kerligirl13 (on Youtube, or Jesse Slaughter in reeeeaaal *sigh*) is an eleven years old (stupid) girl who enjoys wearing tight clothes, struggling to reveal her miserable cleavage, you know, the hot stuff that gives pedophiles a boner, and surely gives her a rightful place on downtown's pavement. Her abundant use of foul language and embarrassing low brow "rhetoric" doesn't help her either (you'll have to torture yourself with the original videos which caused this mess).

Think of the time wasted on 4chan. Geez.

Oh yes, isn't funny? Well, yes it is. But it's also a tragedy. If anything, this should be never forgotten, for the perfect example it provides to the entire planet about the feedback loop effect of the network. It also reminds me of how people terribly underrate their privacy. People are so out of reality (and that would be hundreds of millions of people) that they divulge details of their life for free, the kind of information preyed by massive corporations craving it.
They're laughing at you, dumb people.

It's the acts of such uneducated and irresponsible citizens that provide ammo for all the fascists and wackos who want to block Internet, restrain it. The worst part of it being that her parents have actually no real clue about how to deal with it. They never measured the importance and the nature of their daughter's activities on the web, and they're paying for it, harsh style now. The point is that they didn't give her any good education either, and this deficiency is only being transmitted further along this ill fated lineage. Hopefully, this Jesse something will be able to realize that she has to get off the Internet, hooked junkie that she seems to be, and rethink her life.
Indeed, the consequences will never be the same (that's just a notch behind "all your base are belong to us").