Thursday, September 11, 2008

Japan's CEDEC Awards

It may have been a long wait, but here it comes.
After ten years of meetings, the laurels have found their respective heads, as peers at the CEDEC development conference put out the final verdict, by going through three decades of gaming up to these days.

Prizes in respective categories were attributed thusly:

  • Programming award: Capcom, for its MT Framework engine.
  • Visual Arts award: Team ICO.
  • Game Design award: Nintendo, for the Super Mario Brothers series.
  • Sound Design award: Nintendo, for the Zelda series.
  • Special award: Shigeru Miyamoto, for the excellence of his work and vision.

Since this was the first time such an event took place, the must-be-awarded people got their well deserved prizes, therefore leaving more room for new nominees to get on the ring and pick up the challenge for the next years. Good stuff.

From such events may even rise a form of competition and emulation, which will only be good to fend off what some people identify as the Japanese industry going down, free fall style, which is nothing more than over the top exaggeration.


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