Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iGame - New iPod Touch

Apple has unveiled a new website for the iPod Touch.
Steve Jobs said, during Apple's latest Let's Rock event at San Francisco, the following amusing bit:

It's the best portable device for playing games...

We're speaking of the same Jobs who never got into games, neither made a proper move to support them on Apple machines?

So what happened? Is it the real Jobs speaking there? Could there be a hint of genuine gaming interest behind this massive wall of glamorous PR?

On another note, check out Real Soccer 2009 and the transparent D-pad.
That's it. My main beef against touchscreens is that, in fact, I hate obscuring fractions of my screen with pens and fingers.
That's quite an irritating dilemma I'm into, there, because it's rather obvious that the touch interfaces also allow for new ways of play which aren't all about gimmicks.
I usually prefer keep my screen clear.

Other than that, we're really getting impressive games. There's no doubt that Apple is seriously tackling a relatively new market, and the opportunities for developers appear to be immense.

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