Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day of Lolz

It's been a while since my last DoL page (and in fact, the whole series). Nothing satirical or gritty to find here. Merely mockery. Mockery of the stupidity that's spread around about video games, or erected while diverging from irrelevant matters.

  • Take UGO. They think they also have their own games as art page of ten most fitting titles. Check those games, really. Everything is in there. All that is wrong regarding this topic is perfectly aggregated, be it the obvious fallacy of thinking that "nice looking = art", to sissy things such as Flower, to the obligatory (yet excellent) Shadow of the Colossus, to the super hit Red Dead Redemption otherwise the page wouldn't be legit. *sigh*
    If these idiots want to be so serious about games, why have they such trouble talking about games as sport, and thus deriving towards professional gaming?
    Not smart enough for them?

  • Now, Gamasutra, who ten to be quite pretentious at times and who have, above all, a tendency to consider that if it doesn't speak English, basically, it does not exist. Yet these people, espousing the stances of self-anointed clerics of what is art, which presupposes the capacity to recognize some form of originality and strong cultural diversity and then welcome it, don't really give a damn about modest and indie games made outside of the Indebted, Ruined Commonwealth n'Glishland. They only have eyes of the Swedes whose men's last manly thing they still have for them is their blond and translucent beards and their boldness to scream their gender theory at the face of all Europe (while being incapable of maintaining their population relatively ethnically coherent). Portugese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian small products? Never heard of. Analyzing arcades? Nope. Why the bias?

  • And finally, some random post on some equally random board (The Ghetto). There are times when you just can't avoid it. I mean, the trail of hater/gushers all brewed hot by the antics of's Icycalm (or something KirkAsgard, name borrowed from a real philosopher but I'm sure that's total coincidence :]). So I poked my head into that mess of opinions (I know, I should restrain my curiosity) and halted on some anon's positions on life and morals, and the following piece of his post really got me rolling me eyes:

    There are plenty of altruistic "masters" too. For example, Bill Gates is devoting a large portion of his fortune and efforts towards various charities.

    Sure. Foundations and all that. He must mean... aside from tax evasion perhaps, other boosts to the pharmacological industry and support to Monsanto and their paramilitary activities?
    As for altruism, we rarely see that in fact, and one could say that altruism found in the masses could be the expression of higher altruism from people who didn't achieve higher status in the society despite their potential. Still, only leaders (or masters) can really make any altruism meaningful, as they actually face the hostile world with wide open eyes, and thus can make the best choices.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Some stuff about Mario Bros and the Wii version

Be sure not to miss those three pages!


Mario Couldn't Jump At First

In this interview, we're going to talk about New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but rather than diving straight into a discussion of the new title, I'd like to begin by talking about Mario's roots. There will of course be a lot of readers who know all about this, but I think there are also people who are completely in the dark about how Mario began.

Yes, you're right.

Shall we begin by talking about the period of Mario's initial conception, when he was known as "Jumpman"?

Sure. Now, this is something I've been asked about in hundreds of interviews, so I'll make it quick! (laughs) In the Pac-Man1 era, there were a number of games that were really popular in the video game arcades. Nintendo had released titles such as Sheriff2 but none of them quite achieved the level of popularity where you could call them hits.