Saturday, October 30, 2010

I saw a Switchblade II coin-up at Flynn's arcade

I finished watching the new trailer for Tron 2, now called Tron Legacy. It is nice. It is very nice. Now I would be lying if I told you I wouldn't miss Yori and that I was a tad reserved on the slick and medicinal coldness of the sets and outfits, and that some shots seem to come out of a clip of Lady Gaga or Rihawhatever.
That said, the equally nice trailer for the game to be release along TL, called Tron Evoluion, which looks equally neat, speaks of a war. So the bleakness can probably begin to be explained somewhere there.

Still, this post is not to tell you how awesome the trailers are, but to point out something amusing I noticed about the end of the second trailer. Everything about the way the title is written, to the sounds, the style and even the low bit percussions, with that vibrating/throbbing effect, remind me of the intro of Switchblade II.

I'll let you compare (the title appears at 1:55 but I can't force the time index on my page, so try that link if you want to go straight to the right moment, or click at 1:55 on the time bar below the video).

Pot or no pot?
That said, the way the Tron title assembles itself reminds me of the first Switchblade.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Back to the Future

Time for another high quality trailer for the original Tron.

Enjoy, user.

And spread the eLove people.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The WIFE Tag

DOG Tag.

I'm already bored and quite worried of these silly pieces of "advanced" technology that pretend making every part of your life a hundred times better. In this case, you're shown how clipping some probe to the collar of your pet (the one that ambulates on four legs) makes its management so easier and smarter, so you can keep track (that's the catch phrase) of anything your pet does all day long.
However, not limiting myself to the advised use of the device, my mind immediately explored new dimensions of concept hijacking and came to realize that it was the perfect tool I needed for the wife.
So here's the original video below, and the WIFE transcript version.

Now if this hasn't freaked you out yet, be sure to watch this video.
Yes. If you're normal, your first and I hope final reaction would be: What. The. Hell?
What next? Tag your kids?