Monday, August 18, 2008

Shigeru Miyamoto and RPGs

I'm still hesitating to order Power Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life.
I went around for reviews which would help me, and found a couple of informative ones, notably at Gameology. Unfortunately, it's been confirming some of my fears, and will certainly not help me make the jump.

In the advent that I may buy it someday, I'll borrow that quote from Shigeru Miyamoto, apparently found on page 88, about his view of the RPG genre (initially duplicated at Gameology):

I personally have a fundamental dislike of the RPG system," says Shigeru Miyamato. "I think that in RPGs, you are completely bound hand and foot and can't move. Only gradually, as your character gains powers, do you become able to move your hands, your feet…you come untied slowly. And in the end, you feel powerful. So what you can get out of an RPG is a feeling of happiness, but I don't think that is a game that is fundamentally fun to play.

Somehow, it's very understandable, in light of what he's been doing for all of his years, about how games have to be fun and simple, and easy to pick for immediate playful experiences.
The book seems to have its load of other crunchy details, so the final decision is still up in the air...

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