Monday, August 11, 2008

Opening the valve

This blog is a curious monster, for which I cannot get fully satisfied by its design and function, although it serves its original purpose to honourable degrees.
One aspect of the system I am still unsure of is the ability to comment on what I say.
I didn't allow commentaries because I didn't plan to police any possible tantrum, empowered by the vacuous impertinence of some poor soul, that might creep through the cracks of my spirit’s fickle vacation.
I didn't even consider the plausibility of using the measly protection of foreign post pre-checking, but I think this is what I’ll resign myself to for the moment.
I clearly don’t want this to become a mess anytime soon, and this is my banana republic, but I'll allow you to drop a stone if you really wish to.

1 comment:

Stone Bytes said...

Here, first comment on the blog. Just in case you wondered where the comment section would be... wait, if you're reading this, it means you already know where to look for... oh... huh, anyway, it will increment the counter, so I hope people will spot the 6 pixels high difference at the bottom of the original post... there. :P