Thursday, October 28, 2010

The WIFE Tag

DOG Tag.

I'm already bored and quite worried of these silly pieces of "advanced" technology that pretend making every part of your life a hundred times better. In this case, you're shown how clipping some probe to the collar of your pet (the one that ambulates on four legs) makes its management so easier and smarter, so you can keep track (that's the catch phrase) of anything your pet does all day long.
However, not limiting myself to the advised use of the device, my mind immediately explored new dimensions of concept hijacking and came to realize that it was the perfect tool I needed for the wife.
So here's the original video below, and the WIFE transcript version.

Now if this hasn't freaked you out yet, be sure to watch this video.
Yes. If you're normal, your first and I hope final reaction would be: What. The. Hell?
What next? Tag your kids?

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