Saturday, October 30, 2010

I saw a Switchblade II coin-up at Flynn's arcade

I finished watching the new trailer for Tron 2, now called Tron Legacy. It is nice. It is very nice. Now I would be lying if I told you I wouldn't miss Yori and that I was a tad reserved on the slick and medicinal coldness of the sets and outfits, and that some shots seem to come out of a clip of Lady Gaga or Rihawhatever.
That said, the equally nice trailer for the game to be release along TL, called Tron Evoluion, which looks equally neat, speaks of a war. So the bleakness can probably begin to be explained somewhere there.

Still, this post is not to tell you how awesome the trailers are, but to point out something amusing I noticed about the end of the second trailer. Everything about the way the title is written, to the sounds, the style and even the low bit percussions, with that vibrating/throbbing effect, remind me of the intro of Switchblade II.

I'll let you compare (the title appears at 1:55 but I can't force the time index on my page, so try that link if you want to go straight to the right moment, or click at 1:55 on the time bar below the video).

Pot or no pot?
That said, the way the Tron title assembles itself reminds me of the first Switchblade.

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