Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some fantastic game and tools

First, now I remember what hype remotely felt like. Well, it's not really hype, but it's certainly far better than what I was getting used to during these sour days.
I could find games I'd really enjoy, but never get the kind of feeling that would have me want to buy them "right now!"
Well, it did happen from time to time these last two years, but I must say it's been very scarce and still tame compared to what I'd call t3h hype I could experience when I was younger. Now there's something that really looks ace, and makes me feel old, cause it's a 2D platformer. :/
This one teases me because I did love the gameplay of former Warios, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous in that one:

Secondly, although it's clearly not fresh news, we have some awesome texturing utility set to look at, which is part of id Tech 5, used for the game Rage. If only id Software could forward a fully wrapped package, so you wouldn't have to swap between different expensive tools to edit terrain, detail, textures and what have you, maybe they'd start selling their engines like hot cakes again.
So... there:

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