Sunday, July 06, 2008

Puppetting Mankind / Eye Nerve Trojan_

Lie back… make yourself comfortable.
Empty your mind…
Breathe deeply and slowly…
Observe the screen, and let the colourful dot rain flow through your optic sensory…
Let it impregnate you…

The game starts. The new reality forms, the circle closes and engulfs your mind.
Enigmatic patterns dance within microseconds, primitive shapes assemble into more complex creatures, delivering a message to your subconscious at a rate your body manages automatically.

Okay am I on crack or what? :)
If you want to know what this is all about (and no, that’s some mystic voodoo stuff or fancy yoga), read this.

The possibilities are vast. Video games would be wonderful virtual labs: offer a relatively wide range of gameplay abilities to subjects, then feed them with animations, and see what they do with your game.
Now that would be amusing.

Coca Cola.

Then comes the moment when you wonder if your own logo puts your customer into the most optimum mood to fully enjoy the game he or she is about to play.
You also wonder if you could mould the mind of your customer into a more flexible state, notably for those ads… eye-compliant-mind-sodoma.

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