Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

Here we go. Every two weeks, we have some nutjob on this planet complaining about violence in games. Oh God, why this torment?
Oooh, that's for the shooting party! We’ve got our favourite scapegoat there!


So what is it now?
Well, no, it’s not Jack Thompson. I’m very sorry.
It’s Winda Benedetti, from the MNSNCBSCflehbehdeh, who declares that The Torture Game 2 is “a computer game in which you, the player, are asked to do horrible, unspeakable things”, which are, as she so convincingly put it, “sick, sick, sick”…
She moans that the player has full control over the body of a “defenseless man-like person tied up in some dark room from which he has absolutely no hope of escape.”

Poor doll.
Ah… these sensitive people. Let's organize a march right now in defense of... defenseless dolls?
Reminds me that I have to go to mojo to check out Hostel’s and Saw’s box office numbers…

Until then, let’s enjoy something truly sick, sick, sick.

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