Sunday, April 03, 2011

US people watch too much TV

That's basically what the Nielsen ratings are just too polite to say.
Here's some stuff I wrote about some flabbergasting figures briefly alluded to in a Gamasutra article.
My text deals with the daily consumption of TV in the USA, although the original article itself was not about that.

5 hours on the average, no matter how you spin that, is totally worrying.
I mean, if it's like 2 hours a day during the five usual "working" days of the week, then you have 22.5 hours in front of the TV for each day of the weekend.

Seems like we're missing some parameters here. First of all, it's Nielsen. They can only extrapolate from what they have, and what they have is numbers of people who accepted to be polled about their TV habits. This could dramatically skew the samples.
This figure echoes what we see here from 2009.

153 hours a month on TV does bring about 5 hours a day. But it is necessary to understand that those are the habits of people they could "scan". However, Nielsen also has numbers about the number of households with TVs, and around 2009 it was about 114.5 million households.

The most recent numbers are putting the extrapolated number of people capable of watching TV from such households to be about 294.65 millions. Not far from the 307 millions population of the entire country.

If the average TV consumption is based on this TV household data, then the averaged figure for TV consumption represents about 97.7% of the population.

And there's little way to get around this by fiddling with TV household numbers.

You cannot escape 'em!

. . .

Damn scary.
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The last link leads to an USAtoday page that reads:

Average home has more TVs than people

So the Nielsen figures are extremely worrying. Who the hell would think it's sane to consume so much TV??

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