Saturday, April 30, 2011



Oh boy. This isn't getting any better. I hope most of this is bollocks. OK, it's not like Sony is short on doing things wrong, but still.
After getting its database hacked, the secret group behind this action offered Sony to buy "back" this data but they declined (which is understandable). It's unclear if the claims about personal info and credit card essential numbers are true. Still.... we're yet to hear any excuses.
The data of 75 million accounts has been taken (actually 77, from Sony), and there already are complaints about cc frauds.

Point being, not only breaking down on hackers with those stupid DRMs is not particularly useful, but being zealous about squishing some of them (for instance, graf_chokolo?) with all the might of your industrial power house can actually backfire pretty badly.

Not only Sony has really been a pain in the A with its customers for ages by trying to squeeze as much money as possible out their pockets with those "security" measures, but now, how will they ever be able to expect customers to trust them and their abominable securities that miserably failed?

The shame is boundless.

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