Monday, February 15, 2010

Technology for the sake of it

Some people like to go for predictions, probing the crystal ball, fiddle about and lay a five to ten years schedule of the next technological steps and evolutions in certain domains.

Like here. There are other places like that, but it doesn't matter much.
The point is, the increase of those specific technologies is essentially boasted as a positive thing.
But those are gimmicks, gadgets, gizmos.
It's geek bullshit, and doesn't make life better.

Healing technologies, devices to harness energy, compounds that pollute less, advanced methods to provide food of quality and water to people and the democratization of information via Internet is what matters.

Touch screens don't help humanity. If anything, they piss me off to no bounds. Tweet spam is noise and anyone should be able to know by now where to get information from. Facebook and simili are fascist cop-shit systems that call for collecting void-friends.
Cellphones that always have to be connected and crammed with a gazillion useless applications are meaningless and tiring. I have one, I barely switch it on, and if there's some important message I need to know about my work or something, there's a nice recording system associated to the phone in the office that is meant to receipt them. Because when I'm out of the office, I really mean it.
These systems all generate anxiety. There is nothing cool about them.
They turn us into rats running dizzy through abstract mazes. It's the dogma of "more more more", "now now now" and that abusive "I want it before yesterday" mentality.

That is not Life.

"Socialization" via Internet generates remoteness and solitude.
Video and games on demand are just another way to milk people until prices really mirror the loss of the physical supports.

They talk about tablet-PC, no keyboard or whatever, and it's almost like if buttons are old school... filthy.
We're supposed to think OnLive is cool and better for everyone.
Surely, it is not. Whoever thinks needing to be connected to a server in order to play is progress is bat shit crazy. It's disguised slavery, not empowerment.

Things are really going too fast. We don't even have time to enjoy and explore a given technology.

We already hear about potential new console projects, even more powerful.
Like we ever needed that now. The problem is not the current generation of consoles, but the fact that it's largely about shovelware and war or shooting (FPS and RTS).

At least I think I'm gonna stick to Flowery sodomistic shaping of minds in any possible way for the coming of the carbon tax.

I think I miss the 90s.

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