Tuesday, July 14, 2009

North Korea killz ur web

Here we go. In a long band of suspicious accusations following each other, while the butter mound of rights seemingly melts at an alarmingly fast pace, we've been told that key US' structures came under cyberattacks, through the Internet network, and that these attacks originated from North Korea.

The proof? A mere South Korean guess. Howdy!

Not only one would ask why a country such as the USA keeps putting the access and management of sensitive or non-sensitive structures on a public network (things worked just as well back in the 80s), but we have to raise a suspicious eyebrow here, as the alleged attack could not be more timely.

Frankly, it was obvious that the wretched Cybersecurity Act of 2009 would only pass with the rise of Internet "threats".
The reality is that the bill is the threat, and it represents a serious attack on civil rights and business opportunities, especially as it puts to much power into the hands of one appointed dude the capacity to venture into anything that's called private data, and seize and block anything deemed sensitive, related to this data and activities derived from it.
Intrusive, you say?

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