Friday, January 30, 2009

GamOvr, ludogeek activism

If you're looking for video game culture stuff that doesn't require much reading nor much thinking (at first glance), and if you can spare two clicks between the gazillion you spend on torrent links, you might want to check this fantastic collection of pictures which appeared on internet over the years, and which you may have missed:

GameOvr, a place I'm glad I found.

Here's a selection:

Now, I must say that I do have a nitpick.
Although this is certainly not reflected by the samples I put on this page, the pictures are largely focused on Japanese gaming lore, especially material related to Nintendo.
It lacks American, European and retro stuff from the ATARI/AMIGA/COMMODORE or early-PC eras, but I suppose that this will be corrected in due time.

It's still a good place to go, and one can only hope it grows bigger (...).

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