Friday, January 30, 2009

Cutscenes are embarassing

If there's one thing sure, it's that video games, and I mean 99% of them, seem to share the same dumb writers when it comes to lay down the turd -script lines- on (toilet) paper before sending it to studios' CGI/Machinima departments.

There's literally a huge amount of uglies to collect and savour. If you can put them in a HD-box, plug that to your TV and get some fresh beer, all the more fun!
Be it an abundance of alcohol or facepalms, your face will likely turn fiery red anyway, so I'd go for the booze.
Truth is, this material is gold (the cutscenes). It should be prized, because it is the painful heritage of our industry, a chant to the struggling debut of its "creative" minds and the labour put into them to bring you some of the most credible (?) stories ever told.

Unless your SoD-meter is high 24/7, of course (hence the beer, if you have not figured that out yet).

As such, it is obvious material for flowing exquisite mockery, and as such came a new unskippable feature at the Escapist, one more to count alongside ZP (the rest of the video stuff over there ranges from yes and? to plain mediocre).
This new piece of spoofing is aptly named... Unskippable!!

Enjoy it before internet cynicism goes out of fashion.*

* I think it has lived long enough, AFAIK.**
** AFAIK is not an Arabic word.***
*** ****

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