Monday, June 25, 2012

Asinine Kotaku preview

"I Have No Idea What’s Going On In This Game, But I’m Fascinated."

Geez, if there's a thing I hate with any game is when I don't get what's going on.
But this Kotaku chick (Tina Amini) is mesmerized because she doesn't understand anything of what's happening in Candle's trailer! Oh... that's the power of indie, of highbrow mysticism. It's unintelligible, but there's palpable profound meaning in it (winning keyword in game design circles), she can feel it. She supposes that the game is incredibly deep, full of said meaning and hinges on a powerful concept. She knows it can only be that good because it leaves her on her knees. In fact she already thinks it IS that good. The logical conclusion is that what she has witnessed is the work of art of a purely superior meta-smart mind. The Kotaku girl is most likely already too smart because she automatically likes this game - see the phenomenon of raising one-self's prestige by pedantically lauding what has to be a genuine gracious manifestation of the God of Games, of such pure obvious value, that there's no chance people would say it's shit without being called punks for not understanding how it clearly is a magnificent product, nevermind if all of us, the lowly ones, cannot get it, because the meaning is most necessarily impenetrable.
It is quite baffling that such an ego-driven alter-elitist would not want to play the pretense game and try to impress people about what is going on. But in this case the imbecile doesn't even try. In a way, it's so surprising and touching, perhaps even alarming, that you'd want to gently poke the girl with your elbow and tell her that she should really try to act as if she knew what she was dealing with.
But not this time. It's so honest, I'm disarmed.
She really doesn't grasp anything, but that surely must be the sign of a fascinating game!

I love a game that encourages exploration, particularly if it intends to freak you out while you do so. The creepy trailer raises some serious questions, though. Like what the hell is happening at the 1:03 time mark?!

Not overdoing it at all! Yeah, she really looooooves a game that encourages exploration. Like, you know, the vast majority of games do, even if it's the exploration of the mechanics, the story or the world.
And how the heck does it raise "serious questions"?
She doesn't even know what is the meaning of what she has seen (some kind of ninja fist fu**ing perhaps?), but she's already fascinated by the game???

I put "preview" in the title but it feels like it already was a review, the kind Leigh Alexander produces, you know : small, pompous and useless.

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