Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PeeAyssPee - Patch him up!

So, what say we, Mr. Patcher?

I think Sony is kinda running into a brick wall, trying to compete in that [multimedia device] sector.

More like they never really managed to exploit their machine the way they wanted to. Always half-arsed solutions, especially regarding Internet. Sony tried something new with the PSP Go, it seems to have failed.
Still, for their try, it worked well.
The irony here is that with its limited touch screen, the NDS appears now to be more modern than the PSP, since it has none.
Seriously, they should really think about adding one to their console. No one's going to cry. Older games will be playable on the new PSP, and it will make people buy the new PSP, even if they had one of the older models.
The UMD? Yes, get rid of that useless noisy and clanky support, and sell your damn games on a proprietary MEMORY CARD format.

But right now, I’d say they’re probably kind of destined to be in second place to Nintendo on the pure game front, and overall in third place [on the entertainment front] with the iPod thrown in.

If we stop talking about true gaming devices and start considering entertainment software on portable systems which still are currently produced, then I wonder if even the DS did came second to shitty game applications on mobile phones.


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