Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy new year (yeah well...)

What do you mean I'm two weeks late?
Ok, who gives?

Anyway, the project I'm part of is calmly and surely shaping up.

@ Marcus
Considering that your typical chan of communication is down since ~one week now, and knowing where what you're stuck in right there, you'll probably read this before getting anything else back online. So...
Regarding the small piece of code we talked about earlier on, it should be good enough for a few procedural tests, but just to be sure, try to see if Joanna's new DTS materials work with the latest sample you got. They're ought to be closer to the final aspect of the design. Nowhere near megatextures, I can give you that he he, but the bump worked absolutely fine. It does actually look ace with the couple effects we added saturday! :)
I also hope it had not been freezing too much up there.

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