Friday, December 25, 2009

TooDee Ayyyxion

I know, I should not.
I should not get my hopes so high, for it's impossible to know if the updated Toki game will deliver, or stink like a refurbished mound of plastic bolts and fused wires that would like to call itself HD TV. The Flash-cartoon style may put some people off, and I truly wonder if time will allow me to get used to the palette and consider it tolerable. At least, may they get the gameplay right! Then we'll see how they could expand upon it. Somehow, I'm in doubt. Are they only remaking the original?
Oh well...

On the graphics side, I must say I'm quite more impressed by Arkedo's Jump! Why?

Nice, innit? I'm so sold.

EDIT: Looking in more details at the Toki game, I spotted the "RETURN TO ARCADE" option in the menu, so I thought that perhaps they had a new story plus the old levels, but nope. The interview at Digital Spy reveals that there won't be much new material.

That is kinda unfortunate. I really prefer the original arcade style, so I don't see the point buying a revamp when MAME does it right. What they're doing is like pulling Rick Dangerous out from the grave, bringing it home with some slapped paintjob. On the plus side, animations would contain much more frames, and thus be smoother. Indeed, the original game was rather short on the animation side. It was certainly no Prince of Persia or Mr. Nutz. Some of them were as basic as perhaps containing a grand maximum of five to six frames. The first boss, notably, arguably had one for jumping forward and backward, one or two for launching the crazy monkeys (it was "waiving" its left arm by lifting it up), one for "ouch!", and err...

I also wonder if they'll redo or resample the SFX. They had their own charm, muffled and all that.

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