Friday, April 10, 2009


The info comes from there. OK, it's more a rumor than anything, but it appears to have some tangible meat inside.

Most interesting is the idea of the sliding screen. However, the question is one of ergonomics: while the console remain balanced with the screen being off-center?

Also, note the plan for TWO thumbsticks.

What I find bogus, however, is the idea that both of them AND the D-pad would be located underneath the screen.
I can understand the placement of the sticks, since Sony's controllers feature a central placement for the dual sticks, but for the D-pad? How is the stick exactly supposed to reach it? Or does it mean that the screen's width is almost corresponding to the console's overall width?
In which case, it's feasible.

We can only hope they actually, and finally come with a properly designed stick cap.
And there are plenty of other gizmos.

Go look around on Internet to find fan-made pictures of the next PSP. Try PSP 2 for example. Most are old, but they quite come close to the idea.

The whole train of rumor got bumped sky high back in February, at Kotaku.

EDIT: the whole idea reminds me of this.

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