Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What?? You're still buying FULL games?

Obviously you've never heard of DLC!

Sorry? What's DLC?
... ...

This is a joke, right?


*summons the God of Patience*

Listen. It's an acronym for DownLoadable Content.

It means stuff you can download, in small quantities you pay for.
Haven't you read the news or what?
DLC is the future!

It's not that hard to compute, even for you.

Want to see the end of a game? Get DLC.
Want to get more tracks for your racing game's basic 8 tracks set? DLC.
Craving for more models and clothes for your avatar? DLC.

DLC, DLC, DLC. Get it?




Why... should... you... ... bother with DLC? ... Ok. You're doing it on purpose, right?
I-I mean, you can't be that dumb, right?


No. I'm going to tell you why, in simpler terms, you must use DLC.

DLC is all about the "e", which means as cool and current as the "i".
It's new, it gets you friends and chicks, because it's easy, because it's fun.


You don't care?

Ok, this is going nowhere.

You know the problem with people these days?
They want everything now.
I'm sorry, but it's nothing more than pure greed to ask for a full game for thirty quids.
This is not the 90s anymore, you know.


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