Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nice Football Finale

Manchester United got crowned. Once more!
That was an enjoyable finale that we had. Not many goals, sure, but a good overall quality – although there were matches with much more high level technical moves for sure.
Exchanges were rough, engagement was total.

Had Chealsea won, it would have been the first European finale played by two English clubs, yet won by the French.
I have to admit, I was impressed by that Belletti Italian guy. He didn’t play the whole match, entered during extra time, just in time for the penalties (which Chealsea were obviously aiming for), finely assumed the pressure, and did his job very well. Well, his team lost, but it’s still worth citing considering the context and what his entry would have been if he had missed his unique opportunity to grant the Blues their first star. He did his job professionally.
These Italians and penalties, it must be in their genes.
Kudos to Giggs and Van Der Sar by the way. There was something touching about the actual victory, considering these two guys' history at the club. Especially for Ryan. Such a talented man, too bad he was Welsh.
You got to wonder… will they ever get bored of all these cups? :)

Oh, and I loved Sensible Soccer (I’m supposed to talk about video games).

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